7th Aug, 2017

As In Jeremiah

It’s hard to deal with all the pain that was bestowed upon us when Russell was sick and died. It was hard enough to deal with losing him; but to know how he must have suffered.

I know in my heart; with all that we discovered, it was a cruel and calculated deal from beginning to the end. As I said before; Russell was alone when he got sick, no one cared about him. With Satan and his workers all around him; we didn’t have a chance to even say goodbye. How cruel was that.

Kevin and his family slandered us at every turn; trying to keep us out of Russell’s life. As with the Prophet Jeremiah; the Olives tried various plots against us. The lies we uncovered were devastating.

God will deal with all these people who tried to destroy us; and who destroyed Russell! Jeremiah 11:11,19. I truly believe and pray; I will see some of this destruction on these folks.

We miss Russell; every minute of the day. It has been a long time to everyone else; but for us it is like only yesterday. Russell’s death tore our hearts apart; the pain will never go away.

So much went on that I am just now discovering. It is my desire to expose all that was done!

Carolyn Groff

Jeremiah 12:1-4

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