26th Aug, 2008

Another Malicious act at Russell’s grave

It is so important for us to visit Russell’s grave, and keep it looking nice. They are constantly taking or damaging the things we put at his grave. This is very spiteful and mean.

Lowell and I work very hard, trying to just keep his picture and a small cross there. These people are so cruel and cold hearted.

We have been struggling for almost four years, to be able to take care of Russell’s grave, to keep his flowers watered, (we try to keep something blooming on his grave) and it takes a lot of water. We carry about 12 jugs of water each time we go there. Often we find our flowers have been damaged, and we know it was done intentionally.

When we get there to Russell’s grave, and find his picture and the cross has been removed, we just hurt so bad.  I could not do this to another human being, but look what they did to Russell, that is a horror story. He would not be laying there in a pinebox, without a vault, and in a horrible woods with weeds, poison ivy and fallen trees, etc. It is a travisity that they control his earthly remains and try to keep on hurting us.

This is the work of unbelievers, as you do not monk God by taking the cross. Russell’s picture does not hurt anyone.  People who walk the path by his grave, (neighbors walk up through the woods) tell us of how they enjoy seeing his picture there. These words comfort our hearts, as it is our son who is buried there, and it is a sacred piece of ground to us. We hate the way his grave is constantly desecrated by these people.

Something is always being done there, as I have talked about before, but this time, the intention intent to damage our tires was extremely hard to take.

This past week, after we had gotten out of the car, they had spread sharp, chards of glass where we turn our car around. This is something I feel, is of Satan. Extreme measures, evil actions of those who want to cause us more pain.

We have already ruined one tire on a sharp stump trying to turn around up there. They should have to have a road up that hill, in order for those who cannot walk up the hill. This is something that should be a law, and may be applicable, since there is no handicap access.

I sometimes go there alone, and have never been afraid. Lately, reading all the stuff on the Internet about Kevin, the Quakers, and Witchcraft, I am having to get fully armoured up, (with the armour of God)when I go there. The police once told me to be careful going up there. I am not one to scare easily, but the evil workings of witchcraft makes me think twice.

I have the Lord with me, and I will not fear evil……I rebuke Satan, in the name of Jesus. 

The cross we put there, offends the Religious Society of Friends. They know, when they take it, it hurts us. It offends God, more than it does us, for them to take it. I know they will have to answer for this.

It is hard to believe these people can claim the name of Quakers, and do things like this. The ancestors of long ago, who were carried the Quaker name, did not believe the things these people do. I have talked to people whose families who have Quaker ancestors. These people are offended by the liberal Quakers, who believe anything that makes you feel good, is okay. This is all new age religion.

Our faith and belief, in the fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, means that he did this for these people too. They reject this belief, and claim paganism. This is all over the Internet, so this is not slander. Kevin has projected his beliefs in his newest article, which only shows, we believe, how twisted his beliefs are. We believe, he  is confusing others with his messed up opinions, like he did Russell.

We can understand now, how Russell was manipulated to believe all this garbage. We believe he controlled Russell’s mind, and he could nto get away from him.

We have been, and will continue to keep his grave in a loving manner. God is in charge, and he will not continue to let these things happen.

God is weeping with us in this situation, and he will not be monked. God will keep each tear we have shed, and he will not a one of them go to waste. Someday, we will see our son again, and we will know that we did the right thing.

This is a pervasive world we are living in, and one we are handing down to our children and grandchildren. I hate what is happening with this homosexual agenda.

It is hard to realize the pain, that the homosexual lifestyle, and the gay agenda, can cause a family. We have seen and experienced this pain, and I know that the only way to get through it, is to try to let others know what we have gone through. We hope to help someone realize this lifestyle is a death sentence………

There will never be any way that we can ever get over the pain of losing Russell, but we have to try to understand that God is there for our comfort, if we listen to him. He is a great God, and he doesn’t want us to suffer. We have to believe he will deal with the evil, being done, by trusting that he will take care of everything in the end.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely

Matthew 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven

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