8th Dec, 2009

Another Letter to Jeremy

I set up this website with the full intention of telling the truth about Russell and all that happened to him and his family. If I decide to set up a blog, then I will discuss things with you and all the gay activists. Right now, I have a lot on the burner to get done. Just know this mother is not going to roll over and play dead.

All during the court case people like you put things on the Internet that were simply not true. Your blogging caused a lot of pain for us. I wrote you a letter on my website hoping it would help you to realize how much the, “memorial” hurt Russell’s parents and slandered his memory. That piece you wrote was not something someone should write about a friend, especially the way Russell died. It was very hurtful to Russell’s parents.

Let me ask you Jeremy, did you read all of the 1800+ pages of medical records? Did you attend the court trial and hear the testimony of the forensic medical expert who testified for two and a half hours with graphs and charts about what was in the medical records? Did you know what was going on with Russell when the purported burial document and purported will was signed? Did you call or speak to Russell’s parents after his death? If you were his friend, this would seem to have been the logical thing to do. It seems strange that you say you did not know Kevin, but he called you when Russell died…….. 

You gay activists thought it was a terrible thing for me to talk to Peter Labarbera about Russell. You all talk to everybody about us. When he did a story on Russell, he and I both were brutally attacked. I consider Peter a source of truth in the battle to get the truth out about the homosexual agenda. Peter Labarbera would help anyone, and whether you know it or not, that is what he is trying to do for you. Peter is a good man…..maybe you could be a good man one day and help others instead of hurting them. You people who are involved in this lifestyle have been so indoctrinated and brainwashed…..and what a shame! You could do so much good Jeremy, just as many other who have realized the truth and left the lifestyle.

Russell had so much potential, and it breaks our hearts for the world’s loss of what would have been a great contribution to society. The homosexual lifestyle and the lies that goes with it destroyed all of that.

Did you go to see Russell when he lay dying of AIDS that ravaged his body? Wonder why Kevin did not call you then, if you were a good enough friend to call when he died. Kevin kept a close knit bunch of his friends around when Russell was ill, and we believe none of them had Russell’s best interest in mind.

Keeping us away from Russell was one of the worst things anyone could do……it was hard to know that Russell needed us and we did not know it. We believe from the hospital records, there was a day he asked for them to contact us. That should have been what Kevin would have done if he cared about Russell. Kevin knew how much we loved Russell, and he could not afford to let us know what happened to him. There was a lot of money involved when Russell died, and we think this was an awful selfish thing to do to Russell. We believe Russell was told we would not come, and this devastated him. When I write about how we were lied to about his illness, I cannot even believe what I keep finding out. You will hear more about all of this later.

Why did you not contact us instead of writing Peter Labarbera after I addressed your story? You might like to know the parents who loved a son too much to accept his lifestyle, yet trying every thing could to get him out of the mess. You might like to know the pain we have had to go through these last 11 years, dealing with all of this. We could tell you about the hole that has been left in our hearts, and will never mend…..If you met us, you would know that we are honest hard working people, who now have to keep suffering until the day we die because of the path Russell took.

I’m hearing about parents everyday who have read this story, and they too are suffering! I can feel their pain, and I just pray that these parents never have to suffer the way we have. I pray their son’s and daughters leave this dreadful lifestyle before it is too late.

If I can do anything to help those who are confused about this lifestyle, I sure will try! I have spent much time doing research about homosexuality, and these are things I wish I have been more educated on when Russell was alive. We didn’t know how to deal with all of it. Going through all of this has to have a purpose, and I am on my way of finding what this is……..

During the court case I did a lot of research about the pain that goes along with AIDS. I would tell anyone involved in this lifestyle to do some research and find all about this they can about this dreaded disease and how it can destroy a life like Russell’s! One may not find the lifestyle so great! When we warned Russell of AIDS, he laughed and said, “Oh, that comes from Monkeys.” Russell had been indoctrinated at that point that he couldn’t get AIDS unless he had sex with a monkey.

Funny how the most intelligent ones can be brainwashed. I have read so much about cults and brainwashing, and homosexuality is no different. To me it is a cult! If only you could picture Russell laying in that hospital with blood coming from his tongue and every part of his body……

This picture is not very funny, is it? I hope it haunts the Olives till the day they die, and beyond…. Even I cannot realize what Russell went through, and I read the medical records many times. I would just about go crazy, but I looked at every word in those records, even taking a magnifying glass and trying to figure out the doctor’s notes. This mother loved her son, and she was going to get to the truth.

It seems like the homosexuals are in denial as to what can happen to them. Many parents have had to deal with the death of their loved ones from AIDS, and they can tell you the same things I have been telling you. There was so much manipulation to keep us from our son, and I will never forgive those who did this.

You are someones son, think about that! Stop thinking that it is your life alone. I don’t care how old you are, your parents are the ones who will never stop loving you. What you do affects them too. You are destroying the ones who really love you…..You are also influencing others to live this lie too.

I love my family with everything inside of me, and I will never stop until Russell’s death is vindicated. You do not destroy this mother’s son and his family, and not be held accountable. I know that revenge is the Lords, but the things I can do will help others realize what a lie this homosexual lifestyle is, I will do……..

I did not like it being said, “I may have caused Russell’s death by not accepting his lifestyle”. Those who brainwashed Russell are the ones who caused his death. The pain and suffering Russell suffered because of our nonacceptance of the sin he was living in, was his choice. We always wanted Russell to be with us, and yes we tried to keep him here. We believe Kevin is the one who made him suffer by taking him to Baltimore where he could brainwash him even more. Kevin did not like him spending time with us, so we believe this was his way of controlling Russell. Separation by distance is one of the ways control is kept……. I learned there is always the dominating figure in a homosexual relationship. Russell was very much controlled!

The pain and suffering Russell went through was from Kevin keeping Russell from us.  The greatest pain and suffering Russell went through was when he laid in the hospital with horrible bed sores, and his body wasting away form this dreadful disease of AIDS. No one was there that really cared about him to see if he was taken care of. This is my precious son here I am writing about. Do you not get it Jeremy? 

I am writing a chapter about Russell’s hospitalization, but I have not decided if I am going to put it on the Internet. Instead of doing this, I will detail it in my book.

No one can even feel the pain Russell suffered except his parents. Maybe all the homosexual activists and friends of Kevin should feel some of the pain we felt when we read his medical records. Then again why would they care, we believe since they are a part of the lie, they have no feelings.We believe Kevin and his family never thought we would find the truth about what happened to our son, the truth they had to keep from us.

The lies that went on with this case, were just beyond belief! Russell’s parents had to drop the case! It wasn’t, ” Kevin who settled with his homophobic in-laws”. This statement that was posted on the Internet, really was insulting, but yet another lie! Everything in the court case was hearsay, and that is not supposed to happen. Our own attorney let Kevin keep on spouting hearsay, and never stopped it.

I hope one day you will realize the pain your parents must be suffering, and the pain they will go through when the word AIDS is said to them. They love you, I feel sure! They don’t deserve to be hurt the way you are hurting them. Most of all I will pray you will leave this lifestyle before it is too late. This is not who you are, and I am sure you have read my stories. This lifestyle is your choice…….no one is born gay!

The things you have once again written are the same things I addressed before. I will tell you this, my husband and I loved Russell with all our hearts, and whether you believe me or Kevin, is your choice. We were lied to about his death and burial, and only through my instincts as a mother, I set out to find the truth. What I found was shocking, and was the reason for us to go on to try to make things right for Russell.

We spent everything we had, and borrowed the rest. Poor Kevin bummed the gay community to give him money, and he ended up with his estate and a lot of life insurance. Who showed the love here? Material things were never important to us, as with Kevin. Our son was more important to us than any amount of money. We will never rest until this nightmare if over……It was that important to us to get our son brought home. It was not his dying wish to be buried where he was, and all the documents prove that. The evidence was supressed, it was misused in court, or not used at all. I have to continue to investigate all of this, and I will eventually get it all down pat.

We should have won the case hands down. There was a lot of dirty stuff done to us during this case, and the gay activists who started attacking us from the beginning was only a part of it.

Jeremy you should talk to me and I would tell you how Russell was exploited! You are welcome to contact me anytime and I will tell you these things with proof, since you do not believe what I write. My son was exploited in the cruelest of ways, before and after he got sick. I doubt you would speak out about that thought! I am speaking out about all of it, that is the least I can do for my son and his memory.

Russell got involved in a lot of things we did not uphold, but that did not make us love him any less than with all of our hearts.

This homosexual agenda, and how it is being played out is just another sign of the end times. I pray for you Jeremy! 

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not loveth in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Psalm 44:20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to a strange god;

Psalm 44: 21 Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart

Psalm 44 :22 Yea, for thy sake are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter.

If you would accept Jesus as your savior and believth the word of God, you could take off all the stuff you have on the Internet, and use your time and money for the glory of God. We are all put here on this earth for one reason, and that is to do what God wants us to do, not what we want. So many of us forget that there is a greater being, God incarnate, in Jesus. We are so close to the end times Jeremy, so I ask you to think about what you are doing, and if you want to be doing that when Jesus comes.

God wants us to witness for him here on this earth. This will be our rewards one day…..and these are what you do for his glory that you will be judged for. What you are doing is an abomination to God, and it grieves his Holy Spirit. Anyone who tells you the life you are living is right, they are telling you one of Satan’s lies. My heart hurts for you! I will pray for you.

I’m sure you have been told of all the scriptures about this homosexual lifestyle and what God thinks of it, so I will not go into all of those right now. If you want to change your life, you can have more to look forward to than you can ever imagine.

Carolyn Groff 

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