12th Nov, 2008

Another harassing moment at Russell’s grave

It’s been nearly four years since Russell died, (an anniversary, I do not look forward to) and we still cannot go to his grave without being constantly harassed. According to the mediation agreement, we are to be able to take care of our son’s grave.

While a lot of things keep going on at his grave site, this story is mainly about what has happened with the bronze vase that was charged to Russell’s estate, and was on Russell’s stone for over three years. It was removed by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers),  and they refused to return it. 

They took his bronze vase in January 2008, when we put roses in it for his birthday. We finally decided to replace the bronze vase, with a new one. This vase is engraved and cemented to the stone. If the vase is taken, the stone will be broken, and they will have to replace it. 

It is against the law to take anything from a burial stone, and we are going to pursue this issue. We have to deal with so much with these people, and their control of our son’s remains. 

The malicious act of taking the vase, was done for spite. We wanted to be able to put roses in the vase for Russell’s birthday and special occasions. Often we tried to keep silk flowers in the other vase, but they always take anything we put in the vase.

Once before, they jammed the vase with the chain, so we could not get it out of the hole, ( I talked about this in one of my other stories). Lowell took a special tool down there to pull it loose. This was another one of their dirty deeds; I believe these people work their minds overtime to think of ways to harass us.

I would never do to a human being what has been done to us. It is hard to believe people like this, are the reason my son was so indoctrinated. They will stand and tell you right to your face, “they are different.”

Before we replaced the bronze vase, we had to keep a piece of plastic and a rock over the hole where the other vase had been. We couldn’t stand to think about all the water going into the hole, and into Russell’s grave. It  bothers us, they buried him in a pine box, without a vault.

When we arrived at Russell’s grave Sunday, we expected his picture and hand made cross to be taken, because they do this every week, just to harass us. 

As we got up to Russell’s grave, we found the Religious Society of Friends had taken Russell’s picture, and hand made cross, (as they always make a habit of doing). The next thing we noticed, they (the Friends) had arranged, ( in the new bronze vase we had just replaced) a bunch of dead twigs, and pieces of branches, that had leaves and acorns attached. It stirs the emotions of all of us to think anyone can be so cruel…..This was very upsetting to us, they put trash in the vase, but they won’t leave our flowers in it. We believe these people have no hearts, and certainly do not feel any remorse for their harassment.

Every time we go to Russell’s grave, we have to pick acorns off of Russell’s grave. Sometimes we miss some of them, and when we go back we find some have started to sprout. This is very hard for us to see, because we know if he is left there, oak trees will grow up through his remains.

We should be able to bury our son where his remains will be treated with dignity, and we will never give up, getting him moved.

When we found the arrangement of trash, (twigs, etc) we wrapped the base of the arrangement in paper towel,  brought it home, and boxed it up for future reference. I also took pictures of the harassing act. They had some nerve to put these things in the new bronze vase we had to buy.

Nothing can even compare with the horrible death and burial of our son, then the cover up;  but still we have to endure the things they do to us at his grave site. These are spiteful, malicious acts, and the fact is that, Russell’s body has been treated like trash from the very beginning; the degradation, is despicable. This burial was not Russell’s idea, I do not care what the activists and Kevin has to say. It is only hearsay that he wanted to be buried there; certainly are no “legal documents” signed by him when he was competent. Russell wanted to be buried with his family.

We know they cannot deny us access to our son’s grave, so they just harass us all the time.

Gay activists have all but suggested we are responsible for Russell getting AIDS because we did not accept his lifestyle. They love to throw around their propaganda. They cannot let the gay population know the truth. This is something that really makes me want to dig my heels in and fight even more.

The homosexual agenda, and gay marriage is so sick! I can’t even imagine how much this sin hurts our Lord. He has to be shedding so many tears, because he suffered on the Cross for  these sins. On the other hand, there are so many who are trying to get the truth out there about the sin of homosexuality, and I know God has a special place in Heaven for them. They are working to defeat Satan.

I am not perfect, but I love my children, and you don’t mess with me when it comes to my children. I will never bow down to the attacks of the homosexual activists, and the cover up of my son’s death and burial. When I lay down and die, it will be when God wants me to.

When the gay activists say things that beat us down, but we rise up even stronger. God has opened doors, to show us he is with us in our endeavor to tell the story about Russell, and what happened to him. 

I have to pray and search for answers in God’s word to help me cope with all of this evil. In  studying Revelation, alot of things have become clear to me. I believe it is coming close to the end of the reign of Satan. The Word of God is being fulfilled, and Jesus is coming back again, very soon………..  

There are always consequences for wrong doings, and there was a lot of wrong done to Russell and his family. The differential spiteful things done to us, and the desecration of Russell’s grave has been horrendous.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Revelation 21: 7 He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

Revelation 21: 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

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