Anniversary of Russell’s death,( Nov.23,2004 )

Sunday November 23, 2008 was the anniversary of Russell’s death…….. a very sad and painful day for Lowell and me.

Every year that passes; we think it will get easier, but it never does. The pain of what we are still going through at his grave, is despicable. We will never stop grieving over his death! We are harassed all the time at his grave site, by the Religious Society of Friends and Kevin. This is such hurtful thing they do to us and to Russell’s memory. The stress is so hard to go through, just to go there. I pray one day, I can get his remains moved.

What happens at Russell’s grave is not normal. He should not have been buried there, because this is not what he wanted. The papers were forged!!!!! Parents should be able to put things on their son’s grave; this is only normal. Everyone who has lost a loved one has to be able to memorialize their death by placing flowers and memorials. This is a grieving process… We believe these people harass us constantly because of their support of Kevin and his hatred of us. It is a sad situation when people have such malice in their hearts; to steal and destroy a deceased person’s flowers and memorials.

Last year the Friends, took Russell’s roses out of the bronze vase, and then took the vase, (which is a felony by law). We asked for it back several times, but we could not get them to return it.. We had to spend $310.00 to replace it. They have done everything they could to hurt us.

Last week we put two yellow roses in the vase with greenery. When we returned’ they had taken them, along with the twig cross, and his 8×10 picture. It is heart breaking that someone can be so cruel, and call themselves religious. Not the kind of religion I have been taught….. This whole thing is about control, and it is to assist Kevin and his family in harassing us.

We have had to turn the other cheek too often…..but eventually things are going to change.

This week we placed a dozen red roses in the bronze vase, (we paid to replace). If these are taken out of it; this will be  yet another thing they have done, that will ensure us of getting our son moved. We will eventually be going to court again, but you can bet we will have a jury of 12 dealing with this. 

Kevin claimed the Friends want the simple grave when they tore Russell’s grave up the first time. This was an excuse for destroying his flowers and memorials. The first time, Kevin just rearranged our things to suit him. He took our wreaths and strew the down the road in pieces. That was hard to take. The other grave of someone, (buried after Russell) looks so horrible, covered with trash, (leaves and sticks).

They took ( from Russell’s grave) a white Litton rose the first year we put flowers there; now since they have planted one at the other grave. I have never been able to find another white Litton rose. They do what they please; they have removed the same flowers from Russell’s grave that they occasionally plant in places along the path way to their meeting place.

They have abandoned putting flowers on the other grave now. I guess they do not want to spend money on keeping it up like we do Russell’s grave. 

We have so much documentation of differential treatment there at the cemetery. We believe these people are in no way simplistic! They set the rules to fit the occasion in order to harass us.

I really feel bad for the indoctrination of the other young people involved with this group. They are being led to believe homosexuality, and other sinful behavior, is acceptable. These people have become very liberal with their beliefs; anything goes! They use the spirituality and simplicity of the Quakers of old, to indoctrinate people into the liberal beliefs of today. This is what I believe is cult like behavior.

Over the weekend at Russell’s grave; five people started down the hill, and when they saw us there they headed back up the hill. We believe they had come to see if we had been there, so they could take our flowers and memorials. They do this each week, it is just a ritual for them, but very hurtful to us. This is cruel and cowardly!

For anyone to be so evil to desecrate a grave. They have no right to keep Russell’s remains hostage. He would never have wanted to be buried there, no matter what Kevin said. We have the papers to prove this too, (three different versions of them).  Kevin did not have proper papers to bury our son, no matter what he said. If he had, why did his mother smear over the changed signatures, and Russell’s purported signature? We could not get our attorney to present these papers.  Kevin admitted typing this document and putting it in a drawer weeks before Russell became in an altered state. He did not sign it, (we believe) until Russell was in a comatose state, and could not have known anything. Besides Russell was virtually blind, and could not have signed these documents he was purported to have signed. None of these things mattered to the Judge. These documents may have even been signed after Russell’s death.Think about that……

Finding so much information while going through this three year court trial, (and beyond)we are appalled at the decision of the Judge. She ignored the actual proof we had! It was very stressful to get all the information we gathered, medical expert, etc, and all of it ignored by a liberal Judge. We know this was truly a case that we did not have a chance to win, because of the homosexual agenda.

A story written by a gay activists with information supplied by Kevin; was linked to the Judge’s website, and the lawyer we had did nothing about this. He would not let us say anything to rebuttal. Our lawyer did not even work for us, and we believe he was working against us. We believe, he just wanted money……. we have a lot of facts he would not even use.

 It was not as if we did not have tons of proof Russell was not competent to sign a will two days before he died, we did. The Judge did not want to see this, as we were told she like Kevin. The burden of proof was on us, and we proved our case. There was not only reasonable doubt, there was serious proof!

One article I found on the Internet, says Kevin is involved in Wicca, (witchcraft) and he stated this himself. We have our own beliefs about him, and his activities. We find many disturbing things about this behavior, and most of what we found  was from his bragging on the Internet.

I wanted to post something about what happened on this anniversary of Russell’s death. They will not let the parents who loved Russell so much have one day of peace to grieve at his grave.

I asked Lowell if he had ever felt he had been able to grieve for Russell, and he said he had not. Neither of us have been allowed to grieve and have any closure in this horrible tragedy.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

II Timothy 4:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

II Timothy 4:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.